We use Mobile App to extend financial literacy lessons in English and the most widely spoken indigenous Nigerian Language Pidgin. Provide digital/technology solution via “Financial Management Function” that helps women MSMEs manage finances, keep records and evaluate business health. Generate financial records to facilitate tracking and aid loan access, repayment and recovery.


OLEJU through years of experience working with small and micro enterprises, have developed a Finance Tracker tool. It is a unique resource that contains simplified step by step instructions, tables and examples to help a rural woman keep track of her finances, investments, income, revenue and other business related financial records without supervision. This tool has been proven to boost women’s confidence in their small business while helping them to understand their growth rate. Up to 70% of women who use the Finance Tracker confirmed long term improvements and recorded success rates in their business growth. To be eligible for our Finance Tracker gift, take advantage of our online resources such as financial counseling, business consultation and E- learning and you can qualify to receive one. If you have used any of our resources request a Finance Tracker below.

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OLEJU Entrepreneurs are women who run micro, small and medium enterprises and are looking for all round support to.build sustainable businesses. If you are committed, passionate and driven to succeed yet lack the support you need Signup today. If you are a woman living in a rural community, and you are good at mobilizing women, you have some experience in business and believe you can champion a good cause for women. Signup today and receive tools and support to help other women in business grow in your community.


At OLEJU , we provide financial counseling services to rural women, to help them determine viable investment opportunities, develop new business ideas, learn about formal financial services and institutions, take advantage of formal financial opportunities, access loans and business grants. We also provide financial support to viable MSME’s to help them launch and grow their enterprises. To benefit from our financial counseling service and have a financial counselors help you with your business financial advice needs signup using the form below.


We provide access to our large network of business development experts, who are committed to providing free business consultations to our beneficiaries, through these one on one session online/ offline women can ask specific question and get help developing new ideas for business growth. To access our business consultation services, request a session here and begin the journey to financial sustainability


At OLEJU, we also partner with organizations, businesses and skilled workers to provide specialized skill training to women. Hence we are requesting women who are interested in training other women on skills to join us. All interested participants will be scheduled for interviews with the relevant teams to determine placement. To sign up to be a part of our Women Training Women initiative use the form below

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